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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

As I've mentioned to many of our athletes before, it's easy to see when you've worked up to a weight during your O-lifts where your mind becomes a stumbling block.  When you no longer even attempt to land under the weight, but bail out, I know you're scared.  It's OK.  We all get to that weight in our lifts.  Getting used to catching that next PR weight takes practice.  That's what we're doing today.  Build your technique, strength, and nerve.

Workout of the Day

Snatch Balance 3,3,3,3,3


150 Kettlebell swings for time (55, 35)

Remember, if you don't catch the weight in a full squat, then it's pretty much a jerk.  Get lower or lower the weight!

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105 snatch balance

7:02 kb (35#)

Dave M.

This lift is an overhead squat with a real nasty attitude.
45,65,75,85 with three drops, then back to 65 to get 3 'good' ones.
Metcon was 9:32 with 35#.

Matt S.

Snatch balance was 45, 65, 95, 105, 125. 150 kb swings took me 11:14 as rx'd.

Lori, I'm overnighting you a kettlebell so you can do this. Unless you can find a 35 pound lobster or maybe a baby seal for this wod.


I started off at 45 lbs, for snatch balance ended up doing an extra set at 75 lbs
10:47 metcon with 30 lb kettle bell


Needed to work on my form for snatch balance so I used 45, 55, 45, 45, 45.

Kettlebell Swings -11:03 rx'd


No snatch balance for me today; I could not quite get there in time. I swung our 35 # kettlebell 235 times (equivalent to 55# 150 times) in 17:28.

minimal carbohydrate intake today


Did this wod in my garage. I completed 105# 3 times on the snatch balance. Hardest part was lowering the bar back to my shoulders! Did the KB swing as rx'd in 11:35.


Thanks Matt but I haven't been able to catch the seal or lobster yet. On Monday I did 8 rounds of 30 sec handstand hold (unbroken) and 10 squats-- 6:30 Rx'd. Tuesday was a lot of walking, climbing lighthouses and dunes, and a rest day.


Got 105 on the snatch balance, Katie told me I could get as much as Dan, so I did! :)

Kb junk in grip said OUCH!! :)

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