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Johnny D.

High Bar Squat 235lbs.
7:48 (#95)
Nice to be back at 6am. Class was alive with people and full of energy.
***Good Luck to everyone participating in the Top Dawg Competition tomorrow.***


High Bar Squat: worked up to 215#

Metcon: 8:03 w/95#


HBS: 285#
Metcon: 6 + 3 rx'd in 10 min.
should have probably used 115# to make it in under 10 min.


High Bar Squat: 155lbs
Metcon: 5+13 dropped to 85 trying to make the 10 minute cap.


HB Squat topped out at 190#s, wasn't sure what to shoot for, considering PR Back Squat was 200#, haven't gotten close to that in a while. So I was pleased with the 190#

Was nervous for the metcon, wasn't sure 95# would be a good choice to finish in under 10 mins. But I did make it, barely...in 9:43 rxd.

Was great seeing people really push themselves (new members & old members)!!


Did shoulder press instead of back squats.


Metcon: 9:15 using 95#.

Joe G

HB Squat: 255#, which is the same as my "regular" back squat PR.

Metcon: 7:24 w/ 95#

Adam B

6:38 Rxd

Josh L.

Just prd a few days ago so did 75% and 85% of the 5's & 3's.



245 on the squat...missed 265 by a little
6:27 on the METCON RX


Highbar back squat 185#. Failed at 195# but think I could have gotten it if I had more time, be we needed to move on to the metcon.

Metcon 9:25 rx'd
Burpees were slow today.


I will do the squats tomorrow as I couldn't get in the gym today due to Mommy responsibilities. Did this metcon yesterday... 11:57 w/ 75 lbs...can I just remind you how much I hate cleans?!

Jeremy Jobe

Squat 275#... Had to stop going up because of my "wardrobe malfunction".

Metcon 8:36 rx'ed... Had plenty in the tank at the end, need to start pushing myself harder. Simon - beast time - nice job!

For those that did not get to see Detrick in action today, dude is a human forklift! I think I heard hydraulics while he was squatting.


How great to see the TCF box in full swing! Dan, I liked the ponytail but can understand cleverly trading in the tail for the beard; the beard doesn't get in the way of back squats! I need to briefly throw a testament out to the 'coaching'. I have been a coach now for 13 months. Everyone I've trained is brand new to CF and while the joy of watching their transformation is unequaled, not having a coach of my own has without a doubt come at the price of developing less than ideal mechanics. I can't remember the last time I power cleaned...and that was painfully obvious last night. (I'd argued I actually DL'd and Hng Clnd my way through the MetCon…) Dan, thanks for the scrutinizing eye and insistence to drop weight. I was on my way to hurting myself of sure. Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity…basics. See ya'll soon. I'll be giving the Top Dawg a go from my gym! Forgive the long post…
Cheers- Heron


Worked up to 225# on the squats. I need to do these more often than twice a year! It was impressive to see Detrick easily handle over 400# on the squat. Clay, you're going to have to get a few metal 45# plates so Detrick won't have to duct tape plates together!

Finished the metcon in 9:35 using 105#.


Heron, Great to have you back, although I regret not being there to see you! Hope all is well!

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