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Monday, January 29th, 2012

As we start another week, we'd like to remind everyone of a few things.  First, as noted in a post last week, tomorrow we will conduct WOD #1 of Top Dawg competition.  We are so excited about this in-house challenge and hope that all of you are too!  We ask that everyone please be on time for their class because we may be on a tight schedule.  If you cannot attend the WOD tomorrow but are still interested in taking part, please email Kimberly to make arrangements to complete the WOD at another time. 

There are just two days left of our January Gym Challenge.  The TCF team has done great thus far but don't risk the chance of coming up short.  Rack up a few more meters before or after your workouts to help ensure the goal is met.  We'll announce the final number on Wednesday along with February's challenge.   

We have several great seminars and workshops scheduled for February.  These special offerings are included as part of your TCF membership and we encourage you take part in any or all of them if you can.  To our veteran CrossFitters, you are welcome to repeat workshops - you never know, you just might learn something new!

Lastly, if you haven't purchased your TCF Hoodie yet, don't miss out.  We will not be ordering any more this winter.  We also have some long-sleeved t-shirts left too. 

And Here's some vintage footage (2007) of Coach Glassman with an answer to a question some of you have been asking lately, in your own way, of course.

A new week awaits you, WOD-killers,... now go kick some butt!

Workout of the Day

High Bar Back Squat
5,5,5 (lighter weight - warm up and practice)


7 rounds for time:

7 Power Cleans (135, 95)
7 Burpees

The 3's in the squats should get heavier, and the last 3 singles should be for load.  Post heaviest load and time to comments.
Beautiful, huh?  Once he starts moving, don't blink, or you might miss it.  There are so many things to comment on in this video, so do it!  By the way, this weight is 2x his bodyweight + 33 more lbs.

QUOTE:  "Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” – Life’s Little Instruction Book, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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Johnny D.

High Bar Squat 235lbs.
7:48 (#95)
Nice to be back at 6am. Class was alive with people and full of energy.
***Good Luck to everyone participating in the Top Dawg Competition tomorrow.***


High Bar Squat: worked up to 215#

Metcon: 8:03 w/95#


HBS: 285#
Metcon: 6 + 3 rx'd in 10 min.
should have probably used 115# to make it in under 10 min.


High Bar Squat: 155lbs
Metcon: 5+13 dropped to 85 trying to make the 10 minute cap.


HB Squat topped out at 190#s, wasn't sure what to shoot for, considering PR Back Squat was 200#, haven't gotten close to that in a while. So I was pleased with the 190#

Was nervous for the metcon, wasn't sure 95# would be a good choice to finish in under 10 mins. But I did make it, 9:43 rxd.

Was great seeing people really push themselves (new members & old members)!!


Did shoulder press instead of back squats.


Metcon: 9:15 using 95#.

Joe G

HB Squat: 255#, which is the same as my "regular" back squat PR.

Metcon: 7:24 w/ 95#

Adam B

6:38 Rxd

Josh L.

Just prd a few days ago so did 75% and 85% of the 5's & 3's.



245 on the squat...missed 265 by a little
6:27 on the METCON RX


Highbar back squat 185#. Failed at 195# but think I could have gotten it if I had more time, be we needed to move on to the metcon.

Metcon 9:25 rx'd
Burpees were slow today.


I will do the squats tomorrow as I couldn't get in the gym today due to Mommy responsibilities. Did this metcon yesterday... 11:57 w/ 75 lbs...can I just remind you how much I hate cleans?!

Jeremy Jobe

Squat 275#... Had to stop going up because of my "wardrobe malfunction".

Metcon 8:36 rx'ed... Had plenty in the tank at the end, need to start pushing myself harder. Simon - beast time - nice job!

For those that did not get to see Detrick in action today, dude is a human forklift! I think I heard hydraulics while he was squatting.


How great to see the TCF box in full swing! Dan, I liked the ponytail but can understand cleverly trading in the tail for the beard; the beard doesn't get in the way of back squats! I need to briefly throw a testament out to the 'coaching'. I have been a coach now for 13 months. Everyone I've trained is brand new to CF and while the joy of watching their transformation is unequaled, not having a coach of my own has without a doubt come at the price of developing less than ideal mechanics. I can't remember the last time I power cleaned...and that was painfully obvious last night. (I'd argued I actually DL'd and Hng Clnd my way through the MetCon…) Dan, thanks for the scrutinizing eye and insistence to drop weight. I was on my way to hurting myself of sure. Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity…basics. See ya'll soon. I'll be giving the Top Dawg a go from my gym! Forgive the long post…
Cheers- Heron


Worked up to 225# on the squats. I need to do these more often than twice a year! It was impressive to see Detrick easily handle over 400# on the squat. Clay, you're going to have to get a few metal 45# plates so Detrick won't have to duct tape plates together!

Finished the metcon in 9:35 using 105#.


Heron, Great to have you back, although I regret not being there to see you! Hope all is well!

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