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Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Weekend Ramble.

Believe it or not, there are those even in the CrossFit community that love a good bandwagon.  I'm not talking about those that are constantly trying to improve their knowledge, or technique, or programming.  That should be commended.  I'm talking about the folks who feel like they always have to be on the cutting edge of the latest fad, no matter what it is.  Believe it or not, one of the latest "cool" things to do for many CrossFitters is to dis CrossFit.  Crazy, huh?  Now this might not be something you've heard yet, but you probably will.  As an affiliate owner, I have contact with a lot of other CrossFitters with more involvement than just hitting the box, working out, and going home.  These folks seem to forget what a life-changing experience CrossFit was for them, just as it was for many thousands of people world-wide.  They forget that, if they're honest, they would never have had the first clue about Olympic weightlifting if it wasn't for their introduction to CrossFit.  They also forget that 95% of all CrossFitters don't set out to be the "Fittest on Earth", just the fittest they can be and capable of trying anything they want to try.  At TCF, we know that people want to use their fitness outside the gym.  Just doing what you're able to do only IN the gym is, well, where's the fun in that?  Funny thing is, most of the folks I see putting down CF on their websites or on Facebook, usually turn around in short order and explain that they are using CrossFit to train their clients.  Huh? 
The latest thing is that CrossFitters aren't athletes, just exercisers.  Hmmm. defines ATHLETE as a noun meaning "a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill."  I'm trying to figure out what part of that definition our ATHLETES don't fit into.  We have older folks that participate in exercise and have more physical agility, stamina, or strength than they have ever had.  We have young people that do participate in games or contests that are in the same boat.  Heck, every day at our box (they seem to bristle a little when we use that word) is a game or contest to some.  Now we aren't playing in the NBA or NFL, but if that's the criteria for an athlete, then ONLY those people are athletes, not high school football players, not tri-athletes in a weekend race, not gymnasts at a state meet.  Nobody's saying (at least not me) that the CrossFit pill is all you need, no matter what your sport.  If you want to dominate the world in weightlifting, then you need to specialize in weightlifting.  Want to win the Iron Man?  Then you need to run, bike, and swim.  I do believe adding in some CrossFit to training for any sport can enhance it, but technique for specialized endeavors is a must, and the only way to get better technique is to practice it. 
One last comment.  For people that disdain CF so much, they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over, and posting videos, aricles, and pictures about the subject.  What a waste of their time.  I'm not fond of Smurfs.  Just sayin'.  I refuse to spend any of my precious time researching all things Smurf just to find a few shreds of evidence to prove my lack of affection.  I've got way better things to do.  Like making my athletes better.

Workout of the Day

Snatch Balance 2,2,2,2
Snatch-grip Deadlift 3,3,3,3


21, 15, and 9 of the following for time IN THIS ORDER:

Kettlebell Snatch- right (55, 35)
Toes to Bar
Kettlebell Snatch - Left
Back Extensions

The snatch balance and snatch grip deadlift should be aggressive, but not so heavy that form deteriorates.  On the deadlifts especially, the hips should rise with the shoulders evenly.  Work up to heavy, not a max, on both those lifts.  Post final loads and time to comments.

Kat gettin' her jump on.

QUOTE: "I take a vitamin every day. It's called a steak." - Leo Benvenuti


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I haven't heard about these crossfit haters. Are these people who used to crossfit or just people watching from the outside? Sometimes when something works really well it attracts a lot of criticism which is why the NY Yankees, Tar Heel basketball, and Duke basketball are often hated. I've actually been hearing more and more people talking about crossfit. One of the globo type gyms in Carboro is advertising that it has crossfit classes.

Anyway, we've got enough to think about at TCF - like all those burpees we need to do!

Josh L.

Hate smurfs and you'll deal with me...


Interesting post.

One thing I've found in my time up here in Lake Placid working for FEMA is that some people just need to have something to dislike and complain about (I have some really good stories). Even if everything else in their lives is going great, they will harp on one small thing and ignore everything else that could be making them happy.

That said, I really hate the smurfs.

Johnny D.

I didn't see any Smurfs at the 6:00am class just TCF ATHLETES hitting it hard.


Snatch balance 55lbs
Snatch grip deadlift 145lbs


Snatch Balance heart wasnt in it
Snatch Grip Deadlift 225
9:13 RX on the METCON

Adam B

SB 105#
9:51 Rxd
Simon killed it.
My hands are done.

People will bitch about anything. Just beat their ass on the next wod and maybe they will shut up (At least for a little while).

Josh L.

Like the way you think Adam.

135 snatch balance
305 snatch grip deads

Skipped the metcon. Ate seafood.


Snatch Balance 155
Deadlift 245
Metcon 9:38

Nice work Simon! Grip strength killer today.


Saturday afternoon post-work workout.

Snatch Balance: 145# (took me 3 tries)
Deadlift: 275#

Skipped the metcon because, and I'm just being honest, I wasn't feeling it.

Worked on handstand push ups.

Going to the movies. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Jeremy J

115 Snatch Balance. 305 Snatch Grip Deadlift (I think I only got 1 rep before I called it a day to spare the thumb though).

Metcon was a total disaster - 15 minutes.


Meh, late post because Friday was...shall I call it semi-active recovery?

Low back was very sore & stiff--not hurt, but stiff & fatigued from Th so I decided not to push it.

Snatch balance = worked up to 95#. Right glute & IT band were (still are) knotting up miserably (what's up with THAT?) so I couldn't drop into the squat the way I need to.

Snatch grip deadlift stopped at 115# (Did I mention my back?)

Metcon 9:something? heavily modified with 20# KB and lifting knees to chest instead of T2B.

So...I showed up, even if I couldn't do much. Meh.

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