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Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Responsibilities.  We have many of them - at home, at work - and yes, even at the box.  Here's a list of a few we came up with.

  • Be on time and then get on the floor asap.
  • Greet newcomers. 
  • Listen.  That means be quiet when the coach is talking.
  • Know your numbers.  Keep a record and refer to it.
  • Communicate with your coaches.  Even if you've been doing CrossFit for years, your coaches can still help you.  Also, discuss any aches, pains, or similar issues in case workout adjustments need to be made.  
  • Manage your equipment.  Please don't let it bounce all over or crash into things.
  • Control your frustration.  We all get beat down at times by a WOD or a specific exercise.  It's easy to behave in a way our Momma's wouldn't be proud of but that's not CrossFit-esque.  To be a champion, you have to behave like one. 
  • Be helpful but do not coach others.  If you think someone is deficient in a movement, encourage your colleague to touch base with TCF staff.  This way, you get your work done and we get to do our jobs.   
  • Put your equipment away and clean up after yourself.
  • Work hard and keep trying.
  • Encourage others and celebrate their accomplishments. 

Workout of the Day (last done 1/29/12)

 High Bar Back Squat
3x5 @ 70%
3x3 @ 85%
3x1 for load


7 rounds for time:

7 Power Cleans (135, 95)
7 Burpees

Post final load and time to comments.
Great Balls of Fire

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Jesse posted a link to the ninja challenge race in Fuquay Varina a week or so ago. The Living Social (Raleigh-Durham area) deal for today is a discounted entry to the race. The discount is only today and with the coupon, the entry is $20 (regularly $55). Thought I'd pass this along in case anyone was interested.

I'd post the weblinks, but my government issued computer is blocking them right now.


Guys, we'd love to get a big group together to do this race, especially since it's so close. Check your calendars and take advantage of the deal. Should be fun!

Josh H.

The challenge is on June 9th . . within 2-weeks from our due date. Did that stop me? NOPE - I'm Signed up!

Hmmmm . . . wonder what WakeMED's policy is on having ninjas in the delivery room?


9:45 w/ 75 lbs... a 2 min 12 second PR from January (can you see me smiling, especially those who know how I feel about cleans?!) Josh, at least you're not traveling four hours away and including an overnight trip. That's what happens when the third one rolls around. ;-)

Joe G

I signed up for the Ninja run today! Looking forward to it.

Squats: worked up to 275lbs. 20lb PR
Metcon: 7:31 w/ 115lb. 7 seconds slower than January but 20lbs heavier.

Josh H.

Squats = 215-lbs, failed at 225-lbs Close of so very close!

Metcon = 9:18 Rx'd

Josh L.

Got to 285.
7:03 rx'd 18sec PR


Weather up here is too nice to be inside the gym so I went for a 9 mile run around town.


Everyone, it sounds like quite a few of us will be doing the Ninja Challenge. We will add a note to the white board so people can add their names and we'll know who is taking part. Also, it would be fun to at least start at the same wave time. We'll work on getting the time down so we aren't so spread out with start times - sounds like something you don't want to run alone anyways!

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