Top Dawg WOD #4
Week's End


Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Fantastic effort by everyone that completed Top Dawg WOD #4 yesterday!  If today's your rest day, you earned it!  If not, here we go....

Workout of the Day (from 2/22/12)

3 Rounds, each for time:

Row 300m
25 Wall Ball Shots (20, 14)
15 Pull Ups
rest 2 minutes.


Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

5 Overhead Squats (115, 75)
After theses 5 OHS, finish each minute with burpees. Goal is to accumulate as many burpees as possible.

Post total time from WOD 1 and number of burpees from WOD 2 to comments.
Fun for all.

QUOTE:"Stick to the basics and when you feel you've mastered them it's time to start all over again, begin anew - again with the basics - this time paying closer attention." - Greg Glassman


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Jeremy J

Hey gang, it has been too long! I am still alive! Back is getting better, but still not great. This is seriously my first workout related injury ever! I hate it. Clay, I'd still like to do top dawg, but it will probably be at least a week... It is fine if it doesnt count, just make sure I do it!

May pop in for a row tomorrow if the back is up to it!

Suffering box withdrawal (cue Josh's response).

Joe G

Part 1: 13:50 rx'd

Part 2 beat me. Didn't get any OHS or burpees the first 2 minutes, dropped to 65# and did the last 8 rounds + 34 burpees


Jeremy - I hope you recover quickly. From my experience, the best thing for your back is rest. Moving around does help, but take it easy and work range of motion, no loading or straining. When in doubt, don't. And ice...lots of ice.

And try to keep those hammies and glutes stretched out. If they tighten up, it just makes your back worse.

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