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Second Wind


Monday, June 11th, 2012

Great work to those who participated in our CrossFit for Hope fundraiser on Friday!  Your contributions will be put to good use!  If you didn't get a chance to come in for the workout, don't let that interfere with supporting the cause .  Donations can still be made and remember, it doesn't have to be much.

Also, a great time was had by all who got down and dirty at the Ninja Challenge Race on Saturday.  Our training was what the doctor ordered for this type of course.  If you missed it, you missed out, but there are more to come!

Lastly, how good do you want to be?  Read this from Practice CrossFit.

Workout of the Day

We will be doing a strength cycle beginning this week based on a program created by Coach Gayle Hatch, Hall of Fame weightlifting coach.  It will be modified due to the time constraints of our classes, but should still be highly effective.  It will consist of back and front squats, working the primary muscle groups for most other power and all olympic lifts.  We will also be practicing the other lifts, but those two will be the scheduled staples that will not be missed for the duration of this cycle, which is still to be determined.  We will be working off your current 1 rep max for those lifts.  In general, we'll be doing one or both of these lifts on Mondays and Fridays.  Also, we ask that you please stick with these numbers and not alter the reps or percentages.  They are prescribed for a reason.  Now, lets get started.

Back Squat 10 x 60%, 8x 70%, 6 x 75%, 4 x 80%


"Death By 10 Meters"

With a continuously running clock, sprint 10m the first minute, 20m the second, etc., until you can no longer complete the required number of meters in the corresponding minute.

If you don't have a 1 rep max, or if it is over 3 months old, find a new one today instead of the posted workout.  Whether it's more or less, this will be what you work off of during this cycle.  Post weights used and number of minutes COMPLETED in the met-con to comments.

TCF Ninjas!

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Josh H.

Back Squat: 215-lbs x 4
Death by 10-m = 16 Rounds (PR)


Back squat = 150 x4
Death by 10m = 15 (PR)

pat k

265 back squat max
Didn't have a back squat max before.
Death by 10m=13

Joe G

Back squat: 225 x 4
Death by 10m: 17 (barely)

Haven't decided if I loved or hated death by 10m.

Adam B

does anybody know the date last time we did death by 10 meters?

16 Rounds
should have gone for 17 but bitchassness got the better of me.


Adam,the last date I believe was 2/23/2012. It was also done on 2/18/2011 and 3/19/2010 for those who were with us then.


Back squat: 150 x 4
Death by 10m: 15


Back squat 200# x 4
Rowed death by *20 m* instead of running = 12 rnds (240 m)


OK, just reread the workout (which I should have done at the time) and realized I did the % wrong.

I did 10 x 60%, 8x 70%, 6 x 80%, 4 x 90%
(I like even progressions.)

I got all of the reps but I thought the 4 x 90% was a bit crazy. I just thought Clay was being mean.

Johnny D

Out of town wod at CrossFit Charlotte:
This kicked my butt!!!

3 Rounds of:
30 Slamball
5 Muscle-ups (10 chest 2 bar)
3 Rounds of:
20 wallballs
10 Toes 2 bar
50 Meter farmers walk, 70/40lbs
15 over the box jump burpees
50 Meter farmers walk, 70/40lbs
2 Muscle-ups (5 chest to bar)

*Did everything prescribed except Muscle-ups


4BS @ 225
Death by 10m 12 rounds + 12

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