Second Wind

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

The weather, vacations, work, kids.  This crazy life throws all kinds of curves at us, and this seems to accelerate during summer.  But now's the time to harden your resolve.  You are already amazing, choosing to do things that are "too hard" for a lot of people.  At least they think it is.  You have made up your mind that for you, going to the gym will be productive, not a waste of time.  You come to TCF thinking, in one way or another, about literally improving during each and every workout.  But the cumulative effect only takes place when you're consistent.  Working your rear off once or twice a week is not the path to continued improvement. 

We are starting the next phase of training and programming that we have been progressing towards since the end of last year.  We challenge you to get here as often as possible.  As happy as you are about your progress now, we believe you'll be even more impressed with yourself 6 months from now.  When you come in, "going through the motions" is not acceptable, although this isn't usually an issue with our athletes.  Remember, there's a reason for everything we do.  Get here, on time, ready to work, and leave everything you've got on the gym floor (please just clean up your sweat when you're done).  We look forward to watching you transform, and hope you'll accept the challenge. 

*** Elements classes begin tonight at 7:30 (see Announcements).  Get off the fence and join us!  You won't regret it. ***

Workout of the Day

Weighted Pull Ups 5x5
Weighted Ring Dips 5x5

then, for time, or until 20 minutes is up...

50 (25 per side) KB Snatch (55, 35)
40 Wall Ball Shots (20, 14)
30 Pull Ups
20 Hand Stand Push Ups
10 (per side) Pistols
Finish with an 800m run.

We will scale for the beginning strength movements as needed.  Hand stand push ups will be to an ab-mat between 2 45's if you're against the wall.  Post max weight used and time to comments.

Joe enjoying a dose of double unders.

QUOTE:"There are some defeats more triumphant than victories." - Michel de Montaigne


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Jeremy J.

Monday, June 11th Hotel WOD

4 Rounds
20 Thrusters (35#)
20 Lat Pull Downs (140#ish) - No pull up bar :-(
20 Sit ups


Joe G

Pullups: Did 2 sets with 30lbs, but had to back off for the last couple sets.

Dips: Worked up to 20 lbs

Metcon: 18:09 w/ scaled HSPU and pistols.


Pull ups-30lbs
Dips -30lbs

Metcon-14:18 w/ scaled KB snatches & pistols.


Two sets of pull-ups with 20#, and all the dips with no extra weight from the rings.

Just barely finished the metcon under the time cut-off. Finished in 19:39 using 35# KB, doing HSPU from a box, and getting assistance on the pistols.

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