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Jeremy J.

Monday, June 11th Hotel WOD

4 Rounds
20 Thrusters (35#)
20 Lat Pull Downs (140#ish) - No pull up bar :-(
20 Sit ups


Joe G

Pullups: Did 2 sets with 30lbs, but had to back off for the last couple sets.

Dips: Worked up to 20 lbs

Metcon: 18:09 w/ scaled HSPU and pistols.


Pull ups-30lbs
Dips -30lbs

Metcon-14:18 w/ scaled KB snatches & pistols.


Two sets of pull-ups with 20#, and all the dips with no extra weight from the rings.

Just barely finished the metcon under the time cut-off. Finished in 19:39 using 35# KB, doing HSPU from a box, and getting assistance on the pistols.

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