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Thursday, January 16th, 2014

With the start of 2014 and everyone getting back on track after the holidays, we're seeing some packed classes at TCF these days.  To help, we're scheduling multiple coaches on the floor so that we can better take care of our athletes but there are also things you can do.  Read on to learn how you can help things run smoothly and safely for everyone.

  • Pay attention. With so many people and lots of equipment out on the gym floor, it's important to be alert.  For example, when you're moving from one exercise to another, make sure you're not walking in front of someone as they're swinging a kettlebell or jumping through double unders.   It is your responsibility to stay out of their way.
  • Wait.  If you arrive early for a class and notice the one currently going on is really crowded, consider waiting to begin your warm-up when your class actually starts.  We've had instances where people coming in for the next class have moved equipment not realizing that it's being used by people in the class that's in progress.  Warm-up time is always included in every class so sometimes the best option might be to wait until things settle down and your class begins.
  • Listen, don't talk. Your TCF coaches have lots of great things to share but you may never hear it if you're talking.  Don't get us wrong.  We want you to mingle with your pals but remember that there are times in which it's best to be quiet so that everyone can hear what's being shared.  Whether it's tips on movement or a special announcement, when a coach is addressing the group, make sure you're not talking too.
  • Get a  move on.  During your visits to TCF, we have lots of things planned for you. We want you to be amazingly fit therefore we maximize the hour.  With this in mind, we need for you to arrive to class on time, get straight to work on the warm-up and not dilly-dally around.  And when it's time to get equipment out for the WOD, get to it.  Recognize that your coaches want things to keep moving forward efficiently so that we can accomplish all of the work we have to do.       

Without a doubt, paying attention to these matters will help TCF be an even better well-oiled machine.  We appreciate your help!

Workout of the Day


Work up to a 1 rep max Turkish Get-Up using a barbell.


With a continuously running clock, perform 1 Kettlebell Swing (55, 35) and 1 Push-Up the first minute, 2 Kettlebell Swings, 2 Push-ups for the second minute, etc. until you can no longer perform the required number of repetitions.  If you're going for Rx'd, make sure all of your push-ups  meet the performance standards.  Your coach will review them with you. 

Post max weight for the TGU and highest minute successfully completed to Comments.   

XL gettin' his row on.

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