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Monday, January 20th, 2014

Have you registered for the Open yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  The sixteen TCF athletes that have already signed up are waiting for you to join them.  Do it to challenge yourself, to hold yourself accountable to staying on track with your fitness, to join the party.  Do it because you have something to yourself.  Do it because you can.  

Workout of the Day


Snatch - 15 minutes to find your 1 Rep Max

Every Minute On the Minute for 20 minutes:

Complete 1 Snatch using 80% of the 1 RM above.  The goal is no misses.

Post heaviest load lifted, weight used for the EMOM, and NUMBER OF MISSES during the EMOM to comments.

Jessica, always ready to run. 

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Max snatch at #65
EMOTM at #55. Concentrated on form and movement.

Amy massengill

EMOM 30# worked on technique/form
Snatches are DIFFICULT!!

Amy massengill

Great "party" link true!!


Today's 1RM was 135
19/20 @ 110#


PRed 1RM @ 125#
Used 100# for EMOM & failed 6 times in 20mins


Snatch: 125#

Finished all 20 snatches w/100#


Max Snatch 75 lbs
Finished all 20 with 60#s


Max Snatch: 195#

Finished all 20 with 155#


Power Snatched today to save the shoulder.
1 RM 145#
Used 115# for the 20 min


150 1RM. 120 EMOM. Failed forward on min 6 but immediately picked it back up and hit it. Just making extra work for myself with that one.

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