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Top Dawg 2014

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Get ready!  It's Top Dawg time!  For those new to Triangle CrossFit, this is our annual in-house competition that begins here in January and spans a time frame of six months.  During the last week of each of the six months, we will schedule a "Top Dawg WOD."  At the end of six months, there will be an overall male and female winner.  They will have earned the "Top Dawg" title by completing all workouts as prescribed as well as consistently having high placement finishes for all of the WODs.  There will be prizes for the Top Dawg champs and, new this year, prizes for our  second and third place finishers.  Be sure to read the flyers at the box for more details.  2014 Top Dawg WOD #1 is scheduled to take place next Wednesday, January 29th.

Workout of the Day (done 4/29/2013)

2013 Top Dawg WOD #4

5 mins max row for meters
5 mins to find a 1RM Thruster
1 round Max Pull-Ups

The clock will start and you have 5 minutes to row as many meters as possible.  (Record the number of meters shown on the monitor when the rower comes to a final stop).  At the end of these five minutes, the next five minute interval begins immediately during which time you obtain a 1 rep max Thruster.  (You can load the bar before the WOD begins with the weight you will use for your first attempt.  You cannot receive assistanc changing/adding weight during the WOD.)  Although the bar will be taken off the ground, the Thruster must start from the standing position - no squat cleans allowed.  You must go below parallel and show control and lockout at the top.   After the Thruster interval, you must go immediately to the pull up bar and perform as many pull-ups as possible in one attempt.  Chin over the bar and fully extended elbows at the bottom of every rep.  As soon as you come off the bar, you are done.  Your score is the total number of meters rowed + max Thruster weight + max pull ups.    

Go hard and be sure to post your score to Comments. 

At the helm. 

QUOTE: "Not lifting weights because you're afraid to gain too much muscle is like not driving your car because you fear becoming a Nascar driver." - Andrew Dixon 


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Total = 1598

Thruster = 205

Pull-ups = 14 with gray and green bands

Metered rowed = math...

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