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28 Day Nutrition Kickstart

What it consists of

  • Week 1: Drink 2 liters of water a day

    • Improves performance in gym

    • Increases metabolism

    • Removes waste


  • Log it in the tracker

  • Use a special bottle

  • Start your day with a cup of water


  • Week 2: Eat Undistracted

    • Focus on hunger and fullness cues better

    • Allow for proper digestion

    • Allows us to stop when we are full


  • Sit at a table when you eat

  • Eat with others and be social

  • Avoid screens as much as possible

  • Week 3: Be in bed for 7 hours minimum a night

    • Increased performance at work and in gym

    • Improve other healthy habits in life

    • Regulate hormones and hunger


  • Shut off electronics 1 hour before bed

  • Make your sleeping environment as dark as possible

  • Set the room to 68 degrees

  • Use a white noise machine or fan

  • Week 4: Make a plan for what you’ll eat at least a day in advance

    • Better food choices

    • Saves time and energy


  • Set aside time on weekends or the day before to plan out meals and maybe even cook a majority of them

  • If you go out to eat, decide what you’re going to order before you arrive rather than waiting until you’re hungry to decide

  • Always have healthy snacks on hand like canned tuna, eggs, or cut up fruit

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