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Triangle CrossFit

10113 Division Drive

Raleigh, NC 27603



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CrossFit Classes

Individualized coaching in a group setting

Not Your Typical Group Class

Forget "leg day", headsets, and repetitive, choreographed movements. Though good for some things, these types of exercises are considered specializations. CrossFit on the other hand is a high intensity, constantly varied exercise program that will take your fitness to levels you never thought possible.


The aim of CrossFit, as stated here, is to "forge a broad, general, and inclusive level of fitness supported by measurable, observable, and repeatable results." CrossFit places so much emphasis on not specializing, but rather, forming well rounded humans capable of anything life throws at them.


At Triangle CrossFit, we include all elements of fitness in our training:

Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance











There is no "arm day" or bicep curls (though we do like a good bro session once in a while), and mirrors only distract from the real reason you are here - to work as hard and fast as you can, racing against yourself every single day.


Keep track of your workouts. You will look back on them one day and realize just how far you've come!

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Are you ready to prioritize your health?

Come in and meet with one of our coaches, and we'll help you find out how!