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Personal Training
One-on-one coaching for a more personalized fitness experience


Individualized Fitness

Take your training to the next level.

At Triangle CrossFit, we offer several different paths to help you reach your goals.  A great way to access even more of this support and reach your goals faster than you imagined is through personal training.  One-on-one training can provide many different benefits.  Whatever your goals may be, taking advantage of the flexibility and individualized programming that personal training provides will get you there.

New to Fitness? Have a specific fitness goal in mind? Want to focus on a CrossFit specific skill? One of our trainers can write an individualized program to help you achieve your goal, hold you accountable, and coach you through the process. 


Success Stories

"To be perfectly honest, it has done wonders in how I feel now vs before we started. I can move better, I am way more active in my daily life and I am able to play with kid without exhausting myself. Also, getting muscles and strength back is making me feel younger and I will not give this up again. It affects everything, both physically and mentally. My plan is to maintain some sort of strength program until I'm ready for the retirement home!"

"In the past 8 weeks, a Personal Training client PRed her bench press by 10 pounds, back squat by 20 pounds and deadlift by 25 pounds. She even got over her fear of the barbell which is an accomplishment in itself because before now, she has never touched a barbell!"


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