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10 Ways to Beat a Lack of Motivation

Written by: Coach Brandon

Nobody feels like working out every day they plan on it, so here’s are a few tips to help you stay the course (in no specific order).

1. Find your “why”

- What motivated you in the first place? Write it down where you will see it often.

2. Create SMART goals.

- These are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. For example; I will go to the gym for 1 hour a day, 3 days a week for the next month.

3. Have your gym clothes in your car to avoid going home after work.

- Sometimes taking five minutes to sit on the couch is just enough to talk you out of going to the gym, so just don’t go there!

4. Create a song playlist that gets you fired up and excited to workout.

- The right music for you can be just enough to get you over your current mood.

5. If you have an early morning workout, name the alarm on your phone.

- For example, mine says “get up with a purpose” and goes off Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:15 AM.

6. Have a weight loss goal?

- When you get to the gym, put on a weight vest, or grab couple dumbbells that add up to your goal and walk around the building with them as a reminder of what you’re fighting for.

7. Have an accountability partner or some sort of support system.

- Having someone to hold you accountable whether it’s a family member or gym partner to remind you of your “why” will help you stay the course.

8. Avoid comparing yourself to others on social media. Instead, practice loving yourself.

- There are some incredible athletes and fitness gurus on social media, don’t let these people intimidate you. Allow them to inspire you!

9. Avoid overtraining.

- In CrossFit, 3 days on/1 day off is ideal, but listen to your body and take rest days when needed.


- You get better every day you put in effort. Enjoy life and take care of yourself. Have a cheat meal, or get a massage on your rest day!

Now let's get to work!

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