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2019 Intramural Open

Written by: Coach Amy

Open season is upon us once again! For those of you who were here last year, you'll remember the awesome time we had between our 4 teams as we competed for points and completed the workouts each week. If you haven't signed up yet, click here and get on the list before Draft Day this weekend!

For those of you who are new with us, read on for a break down of what the Intramural Open looks like!

Some of the winning team from 2018, team Burpees and Burpettes!

What It Is

Each year, the CrossFit Games holds a 5 week long worldwide competition where anyone is welcome to submit scores. This is referred to as The Open. Workouts are announced on Thursday nights at 8pm EST, and participants have until Monday to submit a score. The winners of this eventually go on to compete in the CrossFit Games in August.

At Triangle CrossFit, this gives us the opportunity to host the competition in-house over the course of the 5 weeks!

How It Works

Your first step is to make sure you are registered. Click HERE to sign up. The cost is just $5.

Once you are registered, your name will be put into a hat to be chosen on Draft Day. We will pick 4 people to be team captains. These captains will attend the Draft, which will be broadcasted on Facebook Live this weekend. We'll go around the room one at a time drawing names. Teams will be completely random!

Next, up until the final day of the first workout, teams will be allowed to recruit more members from the gym that did not sign up before the Draft. The more members on your team, the more points you'll earn each week for the workouts!

Thursday, February 21st, the first Open workout (19.1) will be released. The workout of the day (WOD) on Friday's at Triangle CrossFit will be the Open workout released the night before. In other words, if you attend class at any time on Friday, you might as well sign up because you will be doing the workout anyway!

Each Friday, you'll have a new workout to complete: 19.1, 19.2, 19.3, 19.4, and 19.5.

If you miss a Friday workout, you will have until Monday evening to make it up. Saturday morning will be an organized make-up day, but you can also do the workout on your own at TCF if you can't make it on Friday or Saturday.

Each week, Coach Amy will be keeping track of points for your team. There are more opportunities than simply doing well on the workout to get points for your team! See the list below for all point opportunities.

Registration is currently open, and will remain open until 8pm Monday, February 25th (when your 19.1 score is due).

So get registered, get pumped, and join in on the fun of an exciting, friendly, in-house competition with your fellow TCF members!

HERE is that link, one more time. Don't miss out!

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