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5 Benefits of Personal Training

Written By: Amy Lease

Coach Brandon working one-on-one with athlete LaTeisha.

Personal training is invaluable.

Whether you are an avid fitness junkie, or interested in getting started in the gym for the first time, personal training can help. Even the best coaches in the world receive one-on-one training to make sure they are still on the right track physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The benefits of personal training are numerous, but we'll start with the top 5 reasons here. When you sign up for personal training, you'll receive the first benefit right from the start - personalized attention.

Personalized Attention

What is the main reason you want to receive personal training? Focused attention on you. Group classes are wonderful - the camaraderie, the experience, pushing yourself to the limits with others who are doing the same. And as with anything in life, group training has its place. Your group fitness coach has several people to worry about. At Triangle CrossFit, we aim for multiple points of contact between the coach and each member of class within the allotted hour. It is our standard. But even when there are only two people in class, your coaches' attention is still divided. In a personal training setting, you get to spend time in an athlete-coach situation in which YOU are the sole focus. This allows your coach to hone in on your goals as an athlete, and tailor their coaching, cues, and instruction to your needs.


Your schedule is hectic. Between the kids and the dog, making meals and going to work, group class schedules sometimes just won't work. With personal training, you and your coach set the schedule. What works best for you? Early morning? Late night? Smack in the middle of the day, or sometime in between? No problem!


You may be hesitant to begin or supplement your regular training with personal training because you rest your accountability in your close friends. Or maybe you have an iron will and determination, and have gotten along just fine on your own. That is wonderful! Having a support system and clear goals in mind is critical to success. Why not add a coach who is trained in many different areas of health and fitness, acutely focused on your specific goals, and is solely concerned with your success? Add years of training experience to help you improve areas you may not have known needed a little extra love, and a personal trainer may just be the key to taking you to the next level.

Having a support system and clear goals is critical to success.


At Triangle CrossFit, we run a very structured class schedule, making sure to respect our members' time by leading every aspect of class, keeping the group moving forward, and ending right on time. Even with this structure, there is occasional down time while waiting for others. In a personal training setting, you set the pace with your coach. The entire session is tailored towards your abilities, and your coach knows just how hard to push you, observing the allotted time slot in the process. This makes for an exceptionally productive session, always leaving you feeling accomplished with your time well spent.


I hesitate to say any one of these benefits is the greatest of the group. But if I had to choose one, it would be this.

Having a personal trainer will take you to heights you did not know you could achieve. Putting a coach in your corner that will check in with you, monitor your progress, and help you grow closer and closer to your goals is invaluable. Whether your goals are weight loss, dialing in your nutrition, mastering a skill, or supplementing your current routine, a personal trainer will get you where you want to go. Many times, you'll find more than just a fitness coach. You'll find a life coach, and a great person to help you become the best version of yourself.

Only by great risks can great results be achieved. -Xerxes

Interested in beginning personal training with Triangle CrossFit? Click here and schedule your free consultation.

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