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Client Story: Maria

Maria is one of our devoted Legends members at Triangle CrossFit, and recently was asked to share her testimony for how CrossFit has changed her life.

Our Legends class is for 60+ beginner exercisers, and meets Monday's and Wednesday's at 10:30am for about 45 minutes. Coach Brandon takes the class through a group warm up, followed by some skill work to practice different movements often used in class. Following the warm up and practice time is a circuit workout, where participants perform typically 3-5 different exercises for a set period of time. Workouts typically last around 10-15 minutes, and class concludes with some core strengthening work and stretching.

Maria has been a member since the beginning, and has made huge improvements in her abilities in the gym which has translated to improved quality of life. Maria speaks Spanish, and her testimony is translated below. Read on below to hear more from Maria!

"Quiero dar testimonio como Triangle cambio mi vida . Cuando me mudé aquí hace 5 años mi casa tiene muchas escalinatas y empecé a usar el pie derecho para bajar por temor a caer, también en las vacaciones en la playa las olas me tumbaba y no podía pararme. Había perdido fuerzas en mis piernas, tengo un repicero lleno de plantas y quería subir a la silla para alcanzarlas y no podía. Mi instructor Brandon se dio cuenta y empezó a trabajar sobre eso, este año las olas no me tumbaron, bajo las escalinatas con los dos pies, me subo a la silla, siento mis piernas más fortalecidas, tenía en el pies izquierdo una telaraña de venitas (horrorosas) han ido. Posdata sigo gorda porque me gusta cocinar y comer. Y gracias a mi hija Lilyan que me invitó a!"

"I want to give my testimony on how Triangle [CrossFit] changed my life. When I moved here 5 years ago to my house it had a lot of stairs and I started using my right foot only in fear I would fall down. Also on my vacations to the beach, the waves would take me down and I couldn’t stand back up on my own. I had lost all strength in my legs. I have a big stand with lots of plants on it and I would try to stand on a chair to water them and I couldn’t do it. My instructor Brandon noticed my weaknesses and started working with me on it. This year the waves didn't take me down, I go up and down the stairs with both legs and I can climb the chair to water my plants. I feel my legs have gotten much stronger. I use to have spider veins on my ankles and they are almost all gone now. I stay on the heavy side because I do love to cook and eat. Thank you to my daughter Lilyan who invited me to go!!"

Way to go, Maria!

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