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Written by Brandon Nicholson

After a couple months of being a part of the CrossFit community, I have been incredibly impressed with the capabilities of all the athletes at Triangle CrossFit. I’ve seen people more than twice my age clean and jerk and complete more burpees than me in a WOD.

While working with TCF, I have identified strength imbalances that occur from only participating in CrossFit related exercise routines, and noticed there are opportunities for growth and balance as a well-trained, well rounded athlete. Addressing these imbalances through personal training will make room for gains in both CrossFit and traditional weight lifting.

After having the opportunity to train some of the CrossFit athletes at TCF, I have noticed there is a lack of neuromuscular control when it comes to standard weight lifting.

Neuromuscular control is defined as the unconscious trained response of a muscle to a signal regarding dynamic joint stability.

For example, I have seen athletes that can push jerk 120 pounds over their head, but then struggled to perform a dumbbell shoulder press with 10 pounds, due to a lack of stability, not strength.

Once neuromuscular control is established, strength in those movements will increase before there is any hypertrophy due to the adaptation of your muscles and joints. Everyone should consider including multiple training methods to get the most out of their training and to improve overall health and wellness.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about Personal Training with Brandon at Triangle CrossFit, email brandon@trianglecrossfit.com.

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