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Holiday Fitness Hacks

As the holidays are approaching, many of us will indulge, skip workouts, be stressed, and maybe gain a little bit of weight. Instead of denying yourself the yummy treats of the holiday season, allow yourself to splurge when it’s really worth it.


Here are some tips to hack the holidays.


This one might seem self-explanatory but pack in the protein. Try to have some sort of protein at every meal. This will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep you more satiated.


Combat the food coma! Go for a nice walk after a big holiday meal to help speed up digestion and avoid the crash that usually comes after eating a lot. Make this a fun walk that the whole family can participate in!


Try to pre-empt the party. Make yourself a protein shake before you go to a party so you eat only the main course instead of all the appetizers and finger foods.


When drinking around the holidays try to think about cleaner alcoholic beverages. We don’t want to drink anything with too much sugar while we eat a big meal. Also give yourself a limit to the number of drinks you are going to have and stick to it.


Don’t forget to also incorporate some sort of mobility into your day to help your mind relax and to have some you time! This will help some of the holiday stress come of your shoulders.

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