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Importance of Active Children

One of the biggest questions parents ask themselves everyday is “is my child getting enough exercise and time away from their screens?”

Only one in three children are physically active every day.

Even worse than that is that children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen.

So why should parents care about their children’s physical activities?

There are many, many benefits to getting your kids active! By letting children know the importance of staying active, they are more likely to stay in-shape and carry on their healthy habits as teens and even into adulthood. More short term benefits include lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increased bone and muscle development, and kids are more likely to sleep well at night as a result of exercise. Also, fit kids are more likely to have stronger emotional character, and be more motivated in school and life in general.

Increasing Rates in Childhood Obesity!

As child obesity continues to grow as a major problem in America, keeping your kids in-shape and active fights against this trend and lowers their risk of obesity as an adult as well.

So now you may be asking, “What can I do everyday to make sure my kid stays active?”

The three pillars to child health are flexibility, strength, and endurance. Children work on their flexibility everyday by reaching to tie their shoes, reaching for toys, and by doing activities like cartwheels. Strength and endurance aren't found as much in a child's every day life, and therefore have to be introduced in other creative ways.

How to Keep Your Children Active and Increase Their Strength and Endurance!

The Fit Kids program at Triangle CrossFit is a great way to introduce strength and endurance into your child's life! It can also be a great idea to start involving your child in team sports! Participating in activities such as a team sport, or our Fit Kids program will make being active even more fun for kids, while also helping them develop important social skills such as working with others, learning to respect authoritative figures and their teammates, and gaining self-confidence in their own skills and abilities. Keeping kids fit from a young age will help with both physical and social development. It is so important that kids are active every day, so make sure they take time away from their screens and spend time getting in some fun exercise!

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Author: Dena B.

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