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Importance of Practice Rounds

We all know the saying:

"Practice makes perfect"

So we should take this advice and practice the workouts before we actually perform them!

At TCF we have a practice round before each workout. A practice round consists of performing a few repetitions of each movement that we plan on doing within the workout at workout difficulty. They play an important roll in preserving the intended stimulus and flow of each workout.

It is vital to perform practice rounds before you start the actual workout. Practice rounds give you a preview as to the flow and feel of the workout by allowing you to go through a version of it. This is the perfect time for individuals to ask questions about the workout or movements to clear up any confusion before the workout officially begins. A few reps of each movement at workout difficulty will help you determine whether you are going to get the correct stimulus from the workout or not. After the practice round, you may find that you need to decrease the number of repetitions, perform a less complex skill or decrease the weight. It is also a great tool to help you decide if you require modifications based on your current fitness level. Maybe it was a long day at work or you had too much fun over the weekend and you aren't feeling like your normal self. The practice round will allow you to feel out the movements before the actual workout. This also creates an opportune time to have the instructor watch your movements and give feedback on your movement to ensure that you are moving safe and getting the right stimulus of the workout. Practice rounds are also excellent for individuals who want to progress their movement level or increase the weight. Maybe the workout is supposed to be a grind and isn't supposed to be fast paced, but in your practice round you're moving really proficient and are moving a little too fast. This would be a good opportunity to increase the difficulty of a movement.

"Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good." -Malcolm Gladwell

Another factor is that practice improves performance through change in the nervous system. Our nervous system remembers these movements, just like we remember the lyrics to our favorite songs. Over time it becomes easier for an individual to get into the proper set-up and maintain proper form of each movement through practice. The advantage is that individuals realize when to stop and regroup, as they will feel their form dissipate if they continue to push themselves.

- Author: LaToya S.

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