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Improving our overhead squats!

Overhead squats provide significant challenges for many athletes because it combines lower body power, core stability, and overhead strength all in one movement. 


One way to help improve overhead squats is to look at our torso when we are squatting. Is our torso in an upright position or is it leaning forward? In order to safely and correctly perform and squat we should make sure our torso is upright and that we are maintaining a proud chest. An upright torso will help improve core stability, thus making the overhead squat a little bit easier to achieve.

With an upright torso this will also help keep the shoulders from going into hyper-abduction, helping to maintain the barbell over our midfoot. An upright torso/ proud chest can also help decrease any stress put on the shoulders, helping to prevent shoulder injuries or shoulder pain. A way to help achieve better positioning in our torso is to work on ankle mobility. 


Another common fault that occurs with overhead squatting is difficulty maintaining a neutral spine. Many athletes tend to over arch their lumbar spine (lower back) which causes them to flare their rib cage. This can cause a lot of back pain or back problems, so we want to make sure we are keeping a straight and flat back while overhead squatting. 


Also don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are doing the movement correctly or if there is any way to improve your form!

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