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Intramural Open Week 1

TCF is participating in the CrossFit Games Open for the second year in a row through our own Intramural competition. Below, you can find the results of Week 1.

To all our members, thanks for coming out and showing your team spirit, working hard, and having fun! Get ready for 19.2 dropping this Friday!

19.1 Workout Results



Master's RX

Master's Scaled

Week 1 Spirit of the Open Award:

Team Bend Over and I'll Show You

Week 1 Team Rankings 1st place tie: TCF This (31) & Run Like the Winded (31) 3rd place: Bend Over and I'll Show You (30) 4th place: It Only Hurts the First Time (29)

First Ever's (4 points each!) 14# wall ball: Sophie & Corinne

As you can see, it is off to a very close race! Way to go Team Black for bringing the energy and grabbing the first Spirit of the Open award!

This week, think outside the box. Team colors are great and cool socks are fun, but costumes, noise makers, and posters are an even better way to catch attention. Let's see what you got for team spirit! Those extra 5 points will likely make or break this close match!

See you Friday!


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