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Mobility in CrossFit

When we think of mobility in CrossFit, we usually focus on our shoulders, hamstrings, IT band, and more. But what about the ankles? You might scoff at the notion of spending time to work on the flexibility of the joint, but what if I told you that doing so would significantly help your squat, improve your strength and reduce the risk of injury? Ankle mobility is very important in the gym as well as in our everyday lives. Below are a few tips to keep a healthy ankle.

  1. Wear supportive shoes: Wearing comfortable, supportive, activity-appropriate shoes are one of the best things you can do for your feet and ankles. Some Important features of good shoes include:

  • Insoles that support the arches

  • Soles that absorb the force of your heel every time it hits the ground

  1. Do foot and ankle mobility stretches regularly: To maintain the strength of the muscles supporting the feet and ankles, it is recommended to perform foot and ankle stretches every day. Even simple foot and ankle stretches are beneficial: Wiggle your toes, rotate your feet at the ankles, and gently pull your toes back with your hand.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle keeps extra pressure off of your feet and ankles. Your feet and ankles absorb as much as 120% of your body weight when you walk so keeping active in the gym and in life will help keep excess weight off as well as strengthen your ankles and feet.

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