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Mobility is important

Mobility is a movement-based, full-body approach to address restrictions that limit movement and performance. It includes stretching, making short/tight muscles longer, but more importantly mobility addresses soft tissue pain, motor control issues, and lack of range of motion.


Adding mobility to your daily routine is as good for you as clean eating and regular sleep. Mobility isn’t only for “higher level” athletes, if you are taking your fitness seriously, basic body maintenance is a fundamental building block for long term success.


Here are some easy ways to mobilize each day:

  • Foam roller or a lacrosse ball, use these items to roll over tight muscles and tissue

  • Stretching after a workout

  • Yoga

  • Mobility bands to help improve joint range of motion


Mobilizing is very important and should be done each day to help improve your range of motion and to help your fitness journey. It only takes 5-10 minutes to do it, it is so easy!!

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