New Progression 8/2/21

!!Here we go!!

New strength cycle starts this week and we will be continuing the skills and drills for our gymnastic pieces! Let's get strong and gymnasty!


  • We will be building on our back squat, deadlift, and strict press on a weekly basis

  • Sometimes we will do multiple on the same day

  • Sometimes we may lift before WODs when fresh

  • Sometimes we may lift after WODs to practice lifting under fatigue

  • We will also be changing up the days that we perform the lifts to keep the variety up

  • The week of 8/2 will be "Prep Week" to make sure all of us have numbers to go off of

  • Use previous numbers as a base for these lifts if you have them, if you do not have them, then record your lifts week after week and build off of them based on how they felt taking bigger or smaller jumps

  • The week of 9/20 we will re-test our lifts

  • Remember form and technique is always the priority

Skills and Drills:

  • We will continue our "Skills and Drills" once a week and continue to increase the difficulty of it as we progress

  • We will build off of our pull ups into some higher skill gymnastics like muscle ups!

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