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Overtraining Does Not Mean Extra Gains

As we return back to the gym it is important that we make sure to be safe within our movements and make sure we do not overtrain ourselves. 


Overtraining can lead to many problems including unusual weakness or muscle fatigue, lack of enthusiasm towards working out, tiredness, Soreness, lack of appetite, sleep problems (too much or not enough). 


Preventing overtraining is a matter of learning how your body copes with exercise. The best way to prevent overtraining is to: 

  • Adjust your training routine so that muscle groups have adequate rest periods. 

  • Give your body adequate recovery time. 

  • If you’re performing heavy compound lifts it’s probably best to take a day off afterwards. 

  • Limit outside factors such as stress. 

  • Look after your nutrition to help maintain your body’s natural recovery process. 

  • If you slack here, your recovery time will slack, which can leave you fatigued.


Knowing your own limits will help you perform to the best of your ability without hurting yourself in the process. While it is important to make improvement it is also important to keep safe training in mind with every movement we do.