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Progression Starting 1/17/22

!New progressions starting!

  • This one will be 8 weeks long and will help us prepare for the Open!

  • Click here for more info on the Open and to sign up for it!

  • We will be focusing on the Bench Press, Deadlift and Front Squat and developing our raw strength to make weights feel like 'Light weight babay!"

  • We will be getting base numbers the week of 1/17/22, so make sure to come to all of the classes to get those base numbers!

  • Our current plan is to retest the lifts the week of 3/7/22, so plan to make all of those classes as well!

  • Remember to save and protect these numbers with your life since they'll be used every week to find our percentages for 8 weeks!

  • We will also be mixing in Olympic Barbell Cycling to prep for the Open

  • We will be alternating between Clean and Jerks and Snatches

  • Just like with the other lifts, record the first week numbers and save them as we will increase week over week

  • We're going to get really comfortable with moving lighter loads super fast!

  • Be ready for Open WOD repeats as we get closer to the Open!

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