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Progression Starting 10/11/21

New strength progression starts this week and we will be continuing the skills and drills for our gymnastic pieces! Let's grow strong and gymnasty!

  • The main focus of the lifting will be to improve our olympic lifting by

    • Getting comfortable at higher percentages

    • Refine our set up, transition and receiving positions

    • Utilize accessory movements and lifts to improve any imbalances

  • Use the numbers from the week of 10/4/21 as the base numbers for the percentages that we use

    • Remember that percentages are suggestions and you should adjust based on how you feel

    • Form, technique, and safety are always the priority

    • If you do not have a max, then record your lifts week after week and build off of them based on how they felt taking bigger or smaller jumps or just go by feel for that day

  • We will be retesting our Snatch and Clean and Jerk the week of 11/15/21

  • We will continue our "Skills and Drills" continue to increase the difficulty of it as we progress

    • The week of 10/11/21 we will be putting all of our Handstand push-up skill work to the test

    • Afterwards, we will transition into some Handstand Walk practice and continue to build on those for weeks to come

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