Progression Starting 10/31/22

!Next progression starting!

  • This one will be 4 weeks long with a 1 week break and then another 4 week long progression. This one will focus on improving our posterior chain (legs, back, glutes...) strength, core stability, and continue to improve our olympic lifting!

  • We will be focusing on Back Squat, Shoulder Press

  • We will continue to Snatch and Clean and Jerk on a regular basis

  • Our lifting will be formatted as drop sets to maximize our strength gains

  • We will also be working with accessory work to help our compound lifts

  • Dates to remember

  • There aren't many dates to remember since we will be building to a rep max each day and using those as our base numbers

  • Stay tuned to our weekly update for any changes!

  • On days with a lifting focus, we will keep the workouts 15 minutes or less to allow for good coaching, warm up and transition times

  • On days we aren't focused on lifting, we will be sneaking in the longer workouts!

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