Progression Starting 12/6/21

!New progressions starting this week!

This one will be short and sweet since we are in the craziness of the holidays

  • We will be focusing mainly on the Bench Press and Back Squat while mixing in Olympic Lifting

  • The main focus of the lifting will be to improve our lifting by utilizing drop sets and some midline stability work

  • Drop Set: This is an advanced resistance training technique in which the following sets after an RM effort are performed to fatigue the muscle groups and build capacity in a specific movement pattern, leading to overall strength gains

  • Drop Set example: If your 10 RM for the day is 100#, then your drop sets will be 8-10 reps @90# and 8-10 reps @85#. That would be all 3 sets

  • We will also focus on building the posterior chain, while also training your mindset to embrace the (sometimes) monotonous journey that is strength training

  • We will continue our "Skills and Drills", but will be working on our Toes to Bar skills!

  • We will refine the fundamentals that everyone needs to improve upon to improve their Toes to Bar

  • Overtime we will get more and more complex and advanced as we become Toes to Bar ninjas

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