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Progression Starting 2/6/23

Updated: Jan 19

!Next progression starting!

  • Our next progression will be 8 weeks long. We will focus on the 3 basic powerlifting movements Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. We want to develop a good baseline of strength!

  • Increasing our baseline strength allows our workout weights to feel lighter and faster along with improving our joint support and body mechanics while lifting!

  • We will be testing our lifts for base numbers at the beginning and retest at the end to see our progress

  • We will use our base numbers through out the 8 weeks doing percentage work

  • Along with the basic strength lifting, we will be improving our barbell cycling to further prepare for the Open

  • Sign up for the TCF Open HERE

  • This will help us with improving our confidence, strength and speed with the barbell in workouts that we do on a regular basis

  • It is also another fun way to sneak in some cardio without knowing it

  • Keep track of the weight you do and how things feel each week because we will be building on this week after week!

  • We will also be working on bettering our handstands and handstand push ups!

  • This will help us for movements that may show up in the TF Open. Sign up for the TCF Open HERE

  • Also, improve our shoulder strength, body awareness and athleticism by trying new things and challenging ourselves!

  • There will be many tier levels to meet you at your skill level like we did previously with our Strict Pull-up work!

  • We will be doing a baseline test for this on 2/3/23! Make sure to be there for it so we can track our progress!

  • Dates to remember

  • Make an effort to attend the whole week of 2/6/23 and 3/20/23 because we will be testing our all of our lifts both of those weeks!

  • Handstand Push Up baseline test on 2/3/23!

  • Week of 1/23/23 is Bring a Friend Week!

  • Sign up for the TCF Open ends 2/8/23! Sign up Now!

  • On days with lifting or gymnastics skill work, we will keep the workouts 15 minutes or less to allow for good coaching, warm up and transition times. On days we don't have those, we will be sneaking in the longer workouts!

Stay tuned to our Weekly Update video every Sunday for any changes to our progression, our lifting schedule for the week, and a week overview on the workouts each week!

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