Progression Starting 3/28/22

!New progressions starting!

  • This one will be 9 weeks long and will be focusing mainly on improving our Olympic Weightlifting!

  • Improving our positioning, technique, and comfort with the Snatch and Clean

  • We will be mixing in Front Squats, Split Jerks, Overhead Squats and more to help improve our Snatch and Clean

  • We will be doing a lot of the Burgener Warm-up in the classes. Check it out in the video below and get familiar with it!


  • Dates and things to remember

  • We will be getting base numbers the week of 3/28/22, so make sure to come to all of the classes to get those base numbers!

  • Remember to save and protect these numbers with your life since they'll be used every week to find our percentages for the next 9 weeks!

  • Our current plan is to retest the lifts the week of 5/23/22, so plan to make all of those classes as well!

  • We will also be mixing in some more fun gymnastics skill work and gymnastics conditioning! So be on the lookout for that!

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