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Progression Starting 8/22/22

!Next progression starting!

  • This one will be 8 weeks long and will focus on improving our strength and consistency with olympic lifting along with developing our ring gymnastics abilities!

    • We will be focusing on Squat Snatch, Squat Clean and Push Jerk

    • Our lifting will be formatted like the EMOM style of our last progression

    • We will be working with things like dips, kip swings, muscle up transitions and muscle ups for our ring gymnastics!

  • Dates to remember

    • We will be getting base numbers the week of 8/22/22, so make sure to come to all of the classes to get those base numbers that we will use for the next 8 weeks!

    • Remember to save and protect these numbers with your life since they'll be used every week to find percentages for the next 8 weeks! Write these down in a safe and secure place!

    • Our current plan is to retest the lifts the week of 10/10/22, so plan to make all of those classes as well!

  • On days with a lifting focus, we will keep the workouts under 15 minutes to allow for good coaching, warm up and transition times

  • On days we aren't focused on lifting, we will be sneaking in the longer workouts!

  • You will also see more Hero Workouts along with some fun high skilled movements mixed in the normal workouts in the near future! So get excited for those!

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