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Smart Phones = Distractions

The amount of distractions our smart phones cause us is increasing. This is taking a serious toll on our mental and physical well-being.


Technology is designed to be addictive and our society has become “mobile dependent” where we have a hard time spending even a couple of minutes away from our phones. A study in 2017 proved that adults spend on average three hour and twenty minutes a day using their smartphones, this has doubled in just five years. Many studies have proven that people who use social media are less happy because they compare their lives to the ones they see online.


While spending so much time on our phones we miss bonding moments with other people or important moments in general. Spending a lot of time on your phone strains your eyes and can cause harm to them. It is never good to be addicted to anything, no matter what it is.


As long as you are sensible and conscious when it comes to using a phone you can enjoy the many benefits they have to offer. Just make sure you realize how much time you have spent on your phone and what you have been doing in that amount of time. Scrolling through social media is probably not the best thing to spend 30 minutes on especially when you can use your phone to talk to someone who has meaning in your life that you might have not heard from in a while.

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