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Summer Series '19 Recap

Summer Series ’19 at Crossfit TTG:

Our very own Coach Brandon, along with former TCF athlete Edgar Porras, competed in the Scaled Division of the Summer Series hosted by Crossfit TTG . Team Bros and Barbells finished 5th overall! They held 3rd place in 3 of the 4 WODs! Way to go fellas!

From Coach Brandon:

What I like about competition is the nervous excitement, it takes me back to high school wrestling. I also like the camaraderie within the Crossfit community. Everyone is very welcoming and encouraging regardless of your fitness level. The best advice I could give someone who wanted to compete is to make it a personal fitness goal and start training for it. Like I said, it can be fun for all fitness levels, but it will be much more enjoyable if you're conditioned. I will absolutely compete again. I caught word that Sua Sponte has a competition coming up in Aug., teams of 2 if anyone is interested!

The event had 4 separate WODS:

WOD #1

P1-4 min to find a 5RM Thruster

P2-4 min to find a 3RM Thruster

WOD #2

4x400m relay run

P1-400m Run

P2-400m Run

P1-400m Run

P2-400m Run

WOD #3

15 min AMRAP

2 rounds of

Cash in:

6 Pull ups

4 elevated handstand push ups (5-inches)

8 alt db hang snatch 35#

Then 1 round:

12 Deadlifts 185#

15 box jumps 24”

WOD #4

For time: 15 min cap

60 Knee raises

1K row

90 Wall balls 14#

45 synchronized burpees to plate

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