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TCF Intramural Open

Click Here to sign up for the Intramural Open!

The Open is right around the corner! The Open is a 3 week long online challenge to push and challenge yourself with the TCF Family! It starts March 11th and lasts until March 29th.

Through out the Intramural Open we will be performing the workouts every Friday in class with a special event happening each Friday night called Friday Night Lights! During Friday Night Lights we will be running heats starting at 4:30pm and they will last dependent on the workout. Each workout will determine the heat times for that evening and there will be a suggested warm-up and warm-up area for everyone as heats are going on.

Friday Night Lights will be a family friendly environment with the possibilities of food trucks and other exciting events. Friday Night Lights will start at 4:30pm on 3/12, 3/19, and 3/26. This is a great way to get our community together and to challenge yourself to try new things! The intramural open is free to participate in, but if you want a t-shirt you have to sign up before February 22nd. T-shirts will be $25!!

If you're not able to attend Friday Night Lights, we will be doing the workouts during our regular classes like we have been doing with our recent open preparation workouts.

Everyone will be split up into 2 teams and there will be tons of different ways each team can earn points. The first way to earn points is to participate in the different themes that will be announced each week and win "Spirit of the Open" for that week. You can also gain points on judging workouts, performing workouts, attending Friday Night Lights, placing top 3 in your division and much more!

To sign up for the Intramural Open, fill out the survey below. There will be more information released closer to the first open workout on March 11th! Check our social media accounts for posts and other information on the Intramural Open!!

Sign-up today to have fun and challenge yourself with the TCF Family!

Click Here to sign up for the Intramural Open!

(Still not sure what the Open is? Click Here for more information on the CrossFit Open!)

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