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The Dynamic Warm Up

Written By: Brandon Nicholson

What’s the purpose of a dynamic warm up?

You may have noticed that all coaches at TCF have a standard when it comes to preparing you for the WOD. There are many reasons for the dynamic warm up that takes place the first 15 minutes of class.

The primary reason for a dynamic group warm up is to properly warm the muscles and joints that are being targeted that day to reduce the risk of injury. The idea of dynamic warm ups has only been in practice for a few years. Before, individuals would statically stretch muscles to loosen up prior to lifting weights or going for a run. What was found is statically stretching cold muscles may cause injury to the muscle or connective tissue. When muscles are cold they are not as elastic, so active stretching is preferred, i.e. turtle herders are a great active stretch for your hamstrings.

Another benefit of a dynamic warm up is it prepares you mentally for exercise. How often do we come to the gym not feeling like working out, and by the time the dynamic warm up is over, you are ready to go? This is not a new phenomenon! A dynamic warm up also gets you ready to go by increasing your heart rate, increasing your body temperature, and can even produce that burning sensation in the muscles from lactic acid beginning to build up.

A proper warm up is key to safely performing a workout, and ultimately, achieving your fitness goals. Make sure a 10-15 minute dynamic warm up is a priority even when you are training on your own!

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