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The Scale and Your Fitness

How many of us measure our fitness by the number on the scale? I know I do! It’s a tool that gives us instant feedback on our body. But that little number on the scale will often fluctuate based on a variety of things—food, liquids, exercise, water retention or hormones—so a slight change in your weight is nothing to be concerned about.

In fact, the numbers on the scale can sometimes be deceiving, as discussed in this blog article, Body Weight and Health: Why the Number on the Scale is Deceptive. She reminds us that there are many other factors that need to be considered when analyzing weight: how much body fat you have; how muscle you have; and circumference of your waistline.

And as Tina Haupert writes in Health magazine, there are 5 valuable things that a scale won’t tell you:

  • How your clothes fit

  • How much muscle mass you have

  • How many fruits and veggies you eat each day

  • How you are living a healthier lifestyle

  • How much weight you can life or how fast you can run

So next time you step on the scale to see how you’re doing, remember that the scale is just one tool in your fitness journey. Remember all the good habits that you have built over your fitness journey, how much better you feel, all the energy that you have, and how far you have come since you started!

Author: Heather M.

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