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To Drink, or Not to Drink…..Alcohol

Having a beer or a glass of wine is a part of a lot of adult social activities. Alcohol provides a lot of calories, but no nutritional value. It is best to avoid it altogether, but if you’re like most adults I know, you enjoy to have a drink or two when out with your friends.

Here are a few tips to still have the occasional drink, while staying on track with your fitness and lifestyle goals:

Drink lots of water

  • It will slow down the amount you may consume, as well as keep you hydrated to help avoid a hangover.

  • Dehydration will lead to lack of performance in your workouts, so stay hydrated.

Eat a good meal before you go out

  • If you’re like me, you eat everything you would never eat after a few drinks.

  • Make sure to eat high protein, veggie packed meals before a night out to help offset the possible bad decisions later in the evening.

  • This only applies to bad drinking decisions, the other decisions are on you.

Stick to the basics

  • Drink things like a glass of wine or a vodka soda.

  • Avoid the heavy beers (which unfortunately for me are IPA’s) as well as the sugary fun drinks that generally involve a cute umbrella accessory.

Set a limit before you head out for the night.

  • I know this one may be tough, but if you’re serious about your fitness goals you will be serious about your limit.

  • If you reach your limit ask for a seltzer water with lime or a flavored mineral water. That way, you will have a drink in hand, but save yourself the calories of an alcoholic beverage.

If rapid weight loss and/or muscle building is your goal, avoiding alcohol is the best option. If you still want to have an occasional drink, readjust your expectations of your goals.


Author: Erin S.

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