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Why Keeping Kids Fit is Good for the Body and Classroom

Written by TCF's Kids Program coach, Dena Bloms

Does your child's daily schedule include physical activity? Is your child in a school system that offers very little physical activity? We often hear how exercise is good at battling depression and childhood obesity, but it is also very effective in the classroom. In a recent study conducted by The University of Auckland, it was discovered that short bursts of intensive exercise boosts children's brain power and has benefits for children with learning difficulties or conditions such as autism.

Memory and cognitive control are largely impacted by exercise. The parts of the brain that control thinking and memory have greater volume in children that exercise versus children who do not. When it comes to cognitive control, exercise can make children more focused and less impulsive. For children with ADHD, aerobic activity alters their brain activity, enhancing self-discipline.

Can we assume that exercise will help every child in school? Probably not, but setting good habits early in life will give them the tools to ensure a happy and healthy future.

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