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Your Second Heart

Making sure you are taking care of your “second heart”.


We are all aware of our primary heart but what about our second heart? Our “secondary heart” is our “calf pump” or our “calf muscles”. Our calf muscles pump blood out of our lower legs below our knees and back to our heart. While doing so it also eliminates trash and toxins through the lungs, kidneys, and liver along the way. 

A strong and active calf muscle dramatically improves your circulation, which many people fail to know. Everytime your calf muscle contracts it helps your blood fight the force of gravity and sends it back up to the heart. 


If we don’t move our legs for a while they might become swollen or tingly, this is because blood, trash, and toxins collect in our lower legs and cannot leave without movement. However, regardless of your calf strength, varicose veins can create serious circulation problems. These problems include chronic leg pain, fatigue, itching, burning, restless leg syndrome, and leg cramps or swelling.


Very simple exercises such as walking, calf raises, and biking can help improve your calf muscles and keep them healthy.

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