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Triangle CrossFit

10113 Division Drive

Raleigh, NC 27603



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Why Triangle CrossFit?

You've made a decision to reach for your goals.

Now why should you choose us to help you get there?

First, What is CrossFit?

You may have heard about CrossFit before finding our site today, or you may not have. Either way, we are glad you have found us! CrossFit was developed over several decades as a fitness program to improve all aspects of fitness and health. The CrossFit program teaches functional movements - in other words, movements you use in every day life - pushing, pulling, carrying, running, jumping, squatting, etc.


We emphasize safe and proper movement to make day to day living easier. Once proper movement and consistency are established, we then incorporate intensity. The workouts we have are also constantly varied. This means we do something different every day - no more boring routines or the same weekly rotations of muscle groups. Each day brings a fun and exciting challenge for anyone willing to put in the effort!

So, why Triangle CrossFit?

Opened in June 2008, TCF is located in a conveniently accessible warehouse development, minutes from Wake Tech Community College's Main Campus on 401 in Raleigh, North Carolina.


At Triangle CrossFit, we strive to provide excellent coaching, offer exciting opportunities, and foster a community of friends to walk with you along your fitness journey, prioritizing your health and working towards a stronger tomorrow.


The unique format of our gym makes for the perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to improve their level of health and fitness, whether you have been an athlete all of your life, or if you have never set foot in a gym. Triangle CrossFit is community centered, family oriented, and friendship driven. We are passionate about serving our community. We believe that every person is different, and we offer many types of programs to best suit your individual fitness needs. Our philosophy is to serve every person that comes through our doors. As a result, our goal is to help you reach yours. Schedule your No Sweat Intro session today with one of our caring and experienced coaches, and let us help you determine a path to reach those goals. Come see for yourself why we stand out above the crowd!


  • Men's and Women's Showers

  • Clean Bathrooms with Baby Changing Tables

  • Dry Cleaning Service provided by Goodwin's Glam-O-Rama

  • Plenty of Parking Space

  • Kid's Corner with TV and DVD player

  • Frequent In-House Physical Therapy appointments

  • In-House Nutritionist

  • Easy iPad Check-in

  • Online Logbook Tracking System

Are you ready to prioritize your health?

Come in and meet with one of our coaches, and we'll help you find out how!