Take your fitness goals to the next level

We know seeing/feeling results starts in the kitchen (diet). In addition to personal training, we currently offer nutrition coaching to take your fitness goals to the next level. To get you there, we take you through our state of the art Inbody scan to assess your actual body composition. From there, we can tailor a nutrition coaching plan to help you achieve your goals and hold you accountable. No matter what your goals are, we would love to help you with nutrition coaching. 


Pricing & Details


-$50 for once a month
-$80 for twice a month

-Inbody scan to assess current body composition

-Discuss current lifestyle/exercise/dietary habits

-Discuss 3 day food log overview

-Discuss questionnaire answers

-SMART goals for short term (i.e. fat loss, muscle growth, performance, etc)

-Set attainable plan to instill immediate change and accountability 

-Setting initial habit, behavior and nutrition goals

-Nutrition education and guidance

-Progress photos

-Celebrate wins!

-Additional Inbody scan

-Accountability on habits, behavior and nutrition goals to measure progress

-Discuss and update True Coach and My Fitness Pal logs

-Nutrition education and guidance

-Develop new healthy habits based on progress and new/updated goals

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