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Lifestyle is important, nutrient dense foods, and being consistent are the biggest benefactors with how to improve health.

  • Creating the lifestyle you want

    • Rome was not built in a day. Your habits will take time, improving your health, happiness and fitness will take time, being patient is important.

    • Be consistent, be consistent, be consistent! You can't see great results if you have no plan. 

    • Small changes will go a long way! If you can make a change once or twice a week, the marathon race for your health will be reached faster

  • Nutrition is the foundation of all great health

  • Eat real food. PERIOD!

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What to Expect

  • Goals of the Program

    • What is the objective of learning about nutrition? To eat better to live a longer life. The goal is to set achievable and realistic goals, then through nutrition and exercise achieve a healthier and happier you.​

  • Who is your coach?

    • Mike Faber is your coach! He has been focused on nutrition for the past 12 years since his kids were diagnosed with Celiac disease and his wife found out she had T1DM. He has been focused on improving his own health and has been coaching for almost 2 decades!​

  • Meeting Frequency

    • You will meet with your coach on a regular basis. This is to go over logins, weights, progress, and any other pressing questions needed to be answered. 

  • Expectations of you!

    • Be honest with yourself! Log in all activities (weights, food log, check ins). Good for bad, this is not for judgement but to adjust and see where you can be coached. Nutrition is the foundation of living a healthier and happier life. 

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How to Improve your Nutrition

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