Nutrition is the Foundation

More important than your time in the gym is what you put into your body the other 23 hours of the day. At Triangle CrossFit, we encourage our members to pay attention to what they are eating, and to find creative ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle for their families, even with all the busyness we deal with each week.

Click here for a link to a downloadable weekly food tracker. Print it out and write down what you eat all week. Don't worry about what you are eating. Just write it down. After 1 week, look back and see where you tend to make unhealthy food choices. What time of day is it? What events surround those not-so-great food choices? Your commute? Waiting for the kids to get out of practice? Lunch? Dinner?

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." -Lao Tzu

Thankfully, this journey won't take 1,000 miles. But it does take work. Download the food tracker. Take our 5 day No Sugar Challenge here. Set up a time for a No Sweat Intro and come see what our Nutrition Program will help you achieve.

Nutrition Package Options

Ask about our 10% discount for one Intro program plus 2 months of on-going coaching prepaid!


This program is our basic introductory month program for our Nutrition Services. This program is 4 weeks long and will set you on the right track to a healthy lifestyle change.

*3 month commitment required: intro program plus 2 months on-going coaching

4 weeks

  • 30 min Food Log Review & Questionnaire Follow-Up

  • Custom Calorie & Macronutrient Calculation

  • 10 Guidelines for Healthy Eating

  • Food list for Optimal Eating 

  • The Nutrition "Grading Rubric" - Structure for Optimal Eating

  • Bi-Weekly Online Check-Ins 

  • Basic Supplementation Coaching

  • 30 min follow up consultation for next steps after 4 weeks 

  • Access to TCF Nutrition Facebook group



Our Elite package is for those who want even more guidance in their nutrition journey. This program includes a review of blood work in order to determine any hormonal imbalances and other medical conditions that could alter your nutrition plan.

*3 month commitment required: intro program plus 2 months on-going coaching

4 weeks

  • All Elements of Premium Program

Plus ​

  • Comprehensive Performance Supplementation 

  • Lab/Blood Work Review

  • Coaching on How to Utilize Outside Resources for Private Medical Lab Testing 

  • Comprehensive Macronutrient Cycling & Nutrient Timing Overview


On-going Coaching

Once you are finished with your initial 12 week program (intro program plus 2 months of on-going coaching), our on-going coaching package provides continued accountability and support through bi-weekly check-ins with your Nutrition Coach, monthly body composition measurements, email and phone support, and a monthly food log review.


Blood Work Add-On

If you decide you would like your blood work evaluated once you've moved into on-going coaching, you can add on to your month of nutritional coaching for just $50.


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