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Applying your Fitness

With Summer in full swing, we should be taking full advantage of the outdoors. The sunshine and fresh air, I know the heat can be harsh but find some shade!


While your current fitness regime might consist of indoor gyms, yoga studios, or your own living room, it’s never a bad idea to head outside to break up a sweat. We aren’t just talking about your usual jog around the block, there are more ways to break a sweat outside.


According to the EPA (environmental protection agency), the average american spends 93% of their life indoors.


Before going outside make sure you have a location in mind, you have checked the weather, bring water and snacks with you, and pick varied terrains each time or even bring a friend with you!


Outdoor activities that also work your muscles include swimming in a pool or the ocean, hiking, biking, playing a sport outdoors like soccer or basketball. All of these are a great way to apply your fitness outside of your usual gym or yoga studio.


Make sure to apply your fitness outside of the gym instead of only in the gym.

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