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Don’t Over Complicate your Diet

It is not complicated to live a healthy life, make smart choices with food and use everyday as an opportunity to make small, repeated efforts to add up to the results we want!


Instead of counting calories or reducing your portion sizes, focus on the quality of the food rather than the quantity. It is all about listening to your body, eating only when you are hungry and to satisfy yourself rather than stuffing your face. Mix your nutrition with physical exercise to help you burn excess fat.


Here are a couple tricks that you can do to start creating healthy habits in your daily nutrition. All it takes is action and the conscious choice to put these habits into your life.

  • Hydrate

  • Minimize processed foods

  • Minimize sugar intake

  • Eat a vegetable at every meal

  • Eat a protein, carb, and fat source at every meal

  • Drink alcohol in moderation

  • Plan ahead


I know it sounds easy and that’s because it is! All you have to do is focus on implementing these tips daily and the improvements in your health will be noticable.

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