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Inbody Scans

Updated: Mar 29

Should I do an in-body scan when I start CrossFit?

YES!! You should definitely do an in-body scan when you start CrossFit and all throughout your fitness journey. An in-body scan, also known as a body composition analysis, can provide valuable information about your body's composition, including measurements of muscle mass, body fat percentage, and other metrics. This is a great way to track your progress throughout your fitness journey. Typically you should conduct an in-body scan every 4 to 6 months. Below are a few reasons why you should do an in-body scan when starting CrossFit.

  • Understanding Baseline: An in-body scan can give you a baseline measurement of your current body composition. This can be helpful in tracking changes over time as you engage in a workout routine.

  • Setting Goals: If you have specific fitness goals, such as losing fat or gaining muscle, knowing your initial body composition can help you set realistic and achievable goals.

  • Motivation: Some individuals find that having concrete data about their body composition can be motivating. Seeing progress over time can encourage continued dedication to a fitness routine.

  • Tailoring Your Workout: Knowing your body composition may influence the type of workout you choose. For example, if your goal is to build muscle, you might focus on strength training.

When you decide to do an in-body scan, make sure you consult with one of our TCF coaches who can help you interpret the results and guide you in developing a well-rounded approach to your fitness journey. Additionally, it's important to note that factors like hydration levels and the timing of the scan can influence the results, so try to be consistent in how and when you conduct the scans for accurate comparisons.

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